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5 ececchi

Anita helped me sell my single family home and buy a condominium in Grosvenor Park. She then helped me find two other apartments and garage spaces to buy as investments. She was very knowledgeable about real estate investment analysis and financing options and also helped me identify needed repairs and improvements and recommended contractors to take care of them. Subsequently, she has helped me find tenants for the investment properties and in 4 years, I have not had any vacancies. My professional relationship with Anita spans from 2004 to the present and I will continue to consult with her about real estate market conditions. She is not overly aggressive, but she always remembers for whom she is working. I have always felt that I was in good hands and I have learned a lot along the way.

5 sousamara

My experience working with MS. Centofanti couldn’t had been any more pleasant. She was dedicated and responsive. She had several open houses and provided regular status updates. I know she did the best she could throughout the process, particularly considering the real state marker at this time. I’ll certainly recommend her services to friends.

5 nyppsi

My wife and I have used Anita Centofanti on at least four separate occasions as the Listing/Rental agent for the condominium we rent out to others, and we will continue to use her in this role.

She has consistently provided us with well-qualified, excellent renters who were well vetted, paid their rent on time and took good care of our renal property. The property has never been vacant for more than a month, and even that was on only on a single occasion. Every other time, the property has already been under a rental contract on the day the previous renter moved out.

We have also used Anita as our Buyers Agent for the condominium we currently live in, receiving the same excellent service she has provided for our rentals. She handled ALL the details and our closing went without a single hitch. Should we purchase another property in the future, we will use her as our Buyers Agent again.

Anita knows her market perfectly and doesn’t waste your time on prospective homes that she knows you won’t be interested in. She zeros right in on what fulfills your needs.

She has our (my wife and I) highest recommendation and level of trust, and most assuredly will do an excellent job for anyone who retains her.

Richard L. Weavil Amy J. Weavil

5 Tim10201

Anita is a highly professional real estate agent who I have been extremely pleased with. I could not have been happier with her marketing of my property and the very prompt and thorough feedback I received on all interactions regarding my property.

In this difficult real estate climate, she has been everything I could hope for in an agent representing my best interests in selling my property.She has been very helpful and honest in her advice regarding my property and consistently has always put my interests ahead of just working for the sale.

Although my property has not yet sold, that is only because I have refused several offers that I viewed as too low. Not once did I feel anything but full support from Anita for not accepting those offers. Should I decide to rent my property there is no question, I will return to listing with Anita when it is time to sell.

Her knowledge, professional expertise, organizational skills, and people skills are exceptional . I would recommend her highly.

5 SKap9

Anita was our agent in the purchase of two properties in the Bethesda MD area. She showed every attribute we could expect in a real estate agent: knowledge, dilligence, responsiveness, openness, reliability. We were extremely satisfied with her performance. I am happy to recommend her as a trustworthy agent.

5 quaidewright

Anita is an excellent real estate agent. She knows the business inside and out, works hard for you, is an excellent negotiator, and is very pleasant to work with. I would not hesitate to hire her again.

5 julie donati55

I sold my disabled brother’s condo through Anita and, in addition, I was based in Houston. Anita is an expert on the local market and was of incredible help to me, especially since I was so far away. I had to clear out his apt and donate items, which she helped me with again. She knows the local community and the building staff and their particular policies. She worked tirelessly to have open houses and lead people through. Communication was quick and I sold the apt. quickly and at a price I was very happy with! The closing was completed efficiently and once again, I credit Anita to the smooth process! I would not hesitate to use her again!

5 katiecogan

Anita was great in every way! She has a calm demeanor which made everything so easy for me. I had a condo which was a rental property and she really listened to my needs and came up with the best price. I would highly recommend Anita!

5 virginiamdecker

I was very pleased with Ms. Centofanti’s competence, thoroughness and professionalism. Because I lived far away, I dreaded the idea of selling my parent’s condominium. Ms. Centofanti, however, took care of all details and made the process quite painless for me.

5 lmargin00

Anita is not only extremely smart and professional, but she is kind, patient and responsive. We did not have an easy deal with a few hiccups along the way, but Anita kept the transaction on the right track up to and through settlement. With another agent, this may not have had a happy ending. Congress could use her negotiating skills. Kudos to Anita and congrats to anyone who is lucky (smart) enough to have her on their team.

5 agoura88

Hire Anita Centofanti. It’s that simple. Not only is she honest and hardworking, but she’s a joy to work with and she takes the would-be headache-ridden process of home buying/selling and makes it easy. I cannot say enough good things about Anita.

5 kmlida

Anita Centofanti has been very professional in regards to working with rental needs in the Grosvenor sector, and is very prompt and responsive to any rental inquiries.

5 leveilleg

Anita Centofanti was fantastic! She was able to find a renter for our unit immediately and had the paper work taken care of within a week. She paid attention to every detail that needed to be handled and did so efficiently and pleasantly. Anita is someone we would recommend highly to anyone requiring the need for a realtor. She is efficient, always pleasant and most importantly gets the job done.

5 mfreire2

Ms. Anita Centofanti helped us navigate the purchase of a condo in North Bethesda, an area with which she is very familiar. She was very responsive and responsible, ensuring that our needs were addressed. Of note, Anita makes excellent use of IT – which allowed us to complete transactions remotely and quickly. Our condo purchase went off very smoothly thanks to her. I would highly recommend her.

5 tvolpe75

Anita is just fantastic. She knows the area, the processes, is on top of things, and is a pleasure to work with above all else. She has helped us find a renter for our unit in Grosvenor Park I, and when we went to sell, we enlisted her services again. She did a fantastic job of marketing the unit – such that it sold in less than 10 days after it was listed. The transaction was a little more complicated than your typical sale because we were out of state, and selling two parking spaces, plus the unit, to different parties. Even so, it all went off without a hitch, and everyone came away happy. I would absolutely recommend Anita in a heartbeat. You’re in very good hands with her!

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